Board of Directors
President – Pete Guerrera – Marblehead

Vice President – Bob Rody – Norwalk
Secretary – Christina Gardner- Sandusky
Treasurer – Nolan Murray – Sandusky

Board Members:
Trudy Anderson – Norwalk

Kayshon Bates – Sandusky

Dave Brown – Castalia

Paul Dalferro- Castalia

Jon Ditz – Norwalk

Alice Frazier-Snook – Willard

Christina Gardner – Sandusky

Sharon Harwood – Norwalk

Pete Guerrera – Sandusky

Pete McGory – Sandusky

John Miller – Bellevue

Nolan Murray – Sandusky

Bob Rody – Norwalk

Pat Spettel – Norwalk

If you are interested in joining any of these committees, contact the Firelands Habitat for Humanity (FHFH) office at or 419.621.7818.

Family Selection:

The committee organizes and carries out application, interview, and selection processes. We find the families who fit the criteria of need for shelter, ability to make no-interest loan payments, and ability to partner with Habitat for Humanity.

FFamily Support/Mentors:

Works with families through sweat equity, home ownership education, home purchase process, adjustment to new responsibilities and continued partnership with the organization. The committee is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating this aspect of the program.

ReStore: Dennis Horan, Chair

The ReStore committee sets policies for store operations, discusses promotions and staffing. Meetings are as needed at this time.

Women Build:

This committee helps build Habitat homes while empowering and teaching women. The committee also helps with fundraising events. Their annual She Shad Raffles have raise over $50,000 for Habitat over the past 5 years.

Public Relations: Mike McCall

Mission: To continually improve the community’s awareness of our work, recognize our participants, and encourage new donations of time and materials so more people have simple, affordable housing.

Site Selection:

Identify potential sites, evaluate sites’ availability and appropriateness, evaluate sites suitability for affiliate’s basic house plans, develop a site acquisitions criteria policy for board approval, implement the board-approved site acquisition policy and maintain acquired sites.