House 94: Home of the Racharda Brown family at 2242 Wilbert St. Sandusky.

House 93: Home of the Prinnier-Kozman family, 857 Flat Rock Rd. Bellevue, OH completed January, 2016.

House 92: Home of Emmanuel Thames and family, 1312 McKinley St. Sandusky, OH completed September, 2015.

House 91: Home of Karl & Brandi Hillenbrand, 42 W. Willard Ave. Norwalk, OH, completed June 2015.

House 90: Rehab project at 613 McDonough St. Sandusky, OH

House 89: Home of Eva Matter and family, 405 First Street Willard, OH, completed August, 2014

House 88: Home of Trena Garrison, 2 Fuller Dr. Norwalk OH, completed September, 2014.

House #87: Home of Lauren Cruse and family, 201 Maple St. Bellevue, OH completed December 2013

House #86 Home of Yolanda Dixon at 85 Milan Ave., Norwalk, OH completed August 2013.

House #85 Home of Martricia Wilson and family, 1018 Winnebago Ave. Sandusky, OH completed June 2013

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